Craig Lee LiaBraaten, known professionally as Craig LiaBraaten, LiaBraaten Live, The Minnesota Piano Man, and Rev. Craig LiaBraaten is an American business leader, developer, entrepreneur, humanitarian, conductor, composer, singer-songwriter and pianist. To his dozens of employees and hundreds of colleagues and thousands of students over three decades LiaBraaten is kindly remembered as a devoted motivator, maximizer, mentor, teacher, coach, bible scholar, role model, father figure, and friend.

Since founding his first business venture in 1983 coinciding with the release of his first hit album, First Love, LiaBraaten incorporated the business in 1995 and spent twenty years becoming one of the most influential business leaders and musicians in Minnesota.

LiaBraaten’s biggest influences have been on his proteges, mentoring business people and musicians for more than three decades.  He is founder and CEO of Living Water Music, Inc. He coined and lives by the catch phrase:  “The Best Teacher is a Good Example”.

LiaBraaten is a commissioned composer who has led national conferences, most notably 10,000 women at the WELCA Triennial National Convention.  He has performed live for more than 70 million people, including royalty from Denmark, Sweden and Finland, U.S. Governors and Congressmen, and his commissioned original words and music have been published by the ELCA, and now nationally distributed and featured for decades in public performance.  LiaBraaten is lifelong learner who adapts and excels in any environment.

His educational and scholastic achievements include a Master’s Degree (high distinction) from Indiana University (Bloomington), where he was himself a protégé of the famed Hungarian pedagogue Gyorgy Sebok, from whom he discovered the roots of his Musical Family Tree go directly back to Franz Liszt and Ludwig van Beethoven.