1983-1987 The Indiana University Years

Upon arrival at Indiana University LiaBraaten was awarded a dual teaching position – the first in the schools 150-year history.  LiaBraaten accepted an Associate Instructorship in both Theory (under then chairman of the department C. Allen Winold), and Performance (under then Dean Henry Upper).

In this capacity LiaBraaten led, lectured and taught large classes of more than 100, created teaching aids and lab studies, and also instructed group and private performance classes.

In the larger classes LiaBraaten utilized a book he co-authored with Professor Winold which simplified the most difficult theory and performance topics for his undergraduate students.

At Indiana University LiaBraaten studied performance with Professor Emeritus Gyorgy Sebok, Shigeo Niriki, and literature with Michel Bloch and Henry Upper. He studied Theory and Composition and Counterpoint and Orchestration with C. Allen Winold.

LiaBraaten studied chamber music with Manachem Pressler, and Opera and Vocal Coaching with two professors: Chair of the Voice Department Roger Havranek and Metropolitan Opera Tenor James King.

LiaBraaten’s close friends and colleagues at Indiana University included violin prodigy and Grammy Award Winner Joshua Bell, who is a 2008 Avery Fisher Prize Winner, Markus Thomas, who captured First Prize in the UNISA International Competition in South Africa, and Henry Eltinge Breed III, who presently works as a multi-lingual government liaison in Switzerland.